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Land Surveying Projects

Illinois Department of Transportation

Hutson & Associates is working with the Illinois Department of Transportation to perform hydraulic, topographic, bridge and right-of-way surveys throughout District 8. An integral part of this project has been learning and meeting the guidelines and requirements of District 8 and others, who use the information provided by Hutson professionals for design and/or dedication. Currently, Hutson & Associates has a full-time Project Manager, housed in the Collinsville District 8 office, overseeing and reviewing land acquisition projects on behalf of the department. Our goal in this venture is to ensure that the projects we manage meet the standards and quality of work expected by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

ConocoPhillips Refinery
Wood River, Illinois

Hutson & Associates is currently providing construction staking and as-built survey services for contractors in the ConocoPhillips Wood River Refinery. Additional services being performed include laying out excavation sites, and locating underground pipes and structures to obtain information necessary for the project’s design purposes. With emphasis on quality control and quality assurance, we have been able to provide continuous on-call service and quick turnaround of data for this project. Hutson professionals have performed numerous topographic surveys in various locations for future design projects as the refinery continues to expand.

Westchester Group
Macoupin County, Illinois

Hutson & Associates performed a boundary survey for an 842 acre farm land purchase in Macoupin County by Westchester Group from Champaign, Illinois. The survey consisted of two tracts, one of 467 acres and one of 375 acres, located approximately two miles apart. In resolving the boundary survey, title issues were uncovered, revealing gaps and overlaps in property line descriptions. To resolve these title issues, Hutson professionals worked with the buyer, seller, and their attorneys to resolve the issues, and subsequently prepared the written property descriptions and plats of survey.

Carlinville, Illinois

Construction staking for the recently opened Wal-Mart store on the south side of Carlinville, Illinois was conducted by Hutson & Associates. Working with the contractor to provide the information needed throughout construction, and working through unforeseen issues that arose during construction, Hutson professionals always met the contractor’s surveying needs in a timely manner, meeting deadlines and ultimately ensuring the owner’s satisfaction.