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Land Surveying Services

Boundary/Property Surveys

A type of land survey made to establish or to re-establish a boundary line on the ground and/or to obtain data for constructing a map or plat showing boundary lines and areas.

Subdivision Surveys

A type of land survey in which the legal boundaries of an area are located, and the area is divided into lots, street right-of-ways, utility easements and other accessories. All necessary corners or dividing lines are marked and property boundary monuments are established.

ALTA (American Land Title Association) Surveys

A type of land survey conforming to stringent standards as developed by a joint committee of the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. The ALTA standards are a national uniform set of land surveying standards. ALTA surveys are sometimes referred to as “the Cadillac of surveys.” The survey is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of lenders, corporations and title companies when dealing with commercial and residential developments.

Construction Surveys/Staking

Survey measurements made, while construction is in process, to control elevation and horizontal position and configuration of a commercial or residential development as well as the collection of measurements for the pupose of calculationg pay quantities.

As-Built Surveys

Survey measurements made for the purpose of determining if improvements have been constructed in accordance with the engineering plans and specifications.

Machine Control Data Preparation

The process of preparing, assembling and delivering electronic construction data for use with GPS controlled construction equipment.

GPS Control Surveys

A survey which is performed using GPS receivers for the purpose of providing horizontal and/or vertical position data for the support or control of subordinate surveys or for mapping.

Topographic Surveys

Vertical and horizontal survey measurements made for the purpose of determining the configuration of the surface of the earth typically depicted as contours; and also documenting the horizontal and vertical locations of natural and artificial objects thereon such as buildings, roads, trees, and other objects.

Engineering Surveys

A survey executed for the purpose of obtaining information which is essential for engineering a project or development. An engineering survey may include elements of a topographic and/or boundary survey, as well as the location of underground facilities and utilities.

Route Surveys

A type of engineering survey used for locating, designing, and constructing a railroad, highway, canal, pipe line, transmission line, or other linear facility.

Bridge Surveys

A type of engineering survey specifically designed to satisfy the needs of Structural and Hydraulic Engineers engaged in the design of new bridges and the replacement of existing bridges.

Aerial Survey Coordination

The coordination between Photogrammetrists and Land Surveyors in the creation of various three dimensional mapping products utilizing aerial imagery.